| 15 min read

Modularity and Scalability

In the last post, Before you automate, I had promised that I will give an example of how modularity is important for scalability. I had mentioned that modularity leads to simplified scalability. I had also said that applying a little... [ScriptInside]: >_

| 10 min read

Before you automate

As significant chunk of my work involves automation using PowerShell. I speak as an Infrastructure specialist, when I say that automation has gained a lot of traction. Automation has several benefits, such as: Reduction in human errors. Higher speed. Higher...

| 17 min read

Service Status Monitoring using PowerShell

PowerShell is a blessing for Windows administrators. With the level of reach that PowerShell has in Windows, there is hardly anything in Windows administration that cannot be achieved using PowerShell. Recently, a colleague requested for a script that could help... [ScriptInside]: >_

| 7 min read

Removing Chrome data (or anything) from Citrix profiles

Citrix User Profile Management (or UPM) is used in many environments to ensure that users’ data is uniform across the entire Citrix infrastructure. This way, a user can access his work anywhere. Citrix UPM handles this by synchronising users’ profiles... [ScriptInside]: >_

| 13 min read

Get a server health status report for multiple servers

As administrators, we juggle multiple servers at a time. Hardly do we deal only with a handful servers. Imagine a situation where you use SCCM to patch your servers, and that the patching is completely automated using an automatic deployment... [ScriptInside]: >_